With two new sales persons added and an in-house graphic designer, Local4All is resuming placemat advertising service to restaurants in the New Kensington Lower Burrell area.  Our apologies to businesses, restaurants, and restaurant patrons who have missed our signature "Word Search" puzzles for almost a year.

To become one of our partner restaurants, call Carl @ 724-822-4249.  To advertise on these placemats or in any of our service areas, please call Brad Lutz @ 724-954-0523.

List of service areas:

  • AKAP - Upper Alle-Kiski (Apollo)
  • AKLV - Mid Alle-Kiski (Leechburg, Vandergrift, Allegheny Twp)
  • B - Butler (includes Prospect, Chicora, and East Brady)
  • FC - Ford City (includes ACMH Snack Bar)
  • IN - Indiana, PA includes Home (PA), Marion Center, Blairsville
  • K - Kittanning (extended area includes ACMH Snack Bar and East Brady)
  • NKLB - New Kensington Lower Burrell (includes two locations in Tarentum)
  • SEBCo - SouthEast Butler County (our largest area includes Russellton and Natrona Heights in Allegheny County plus Freeport Foods in Armstrong County)

You can find maps of all areas at "Restaurant Maps" - upper right corner of this page.

Local4All Placemats continues to provide quality advertising at a great price with our second printing of 2016.  THE PRICE GETS BETTER THE MORE YOU BUY!  Our formula for bulk pricing is shown below.

  1. Tier 1.. your 2x2 ad on the first 10,000 placemats for $100
  2. Tier 2... a second space, aka placing a double ad instead of single ad, increases the price by ONLY $50.  Same for a single ad on another 10,000 mats.  You save $50.
  3. Tier 3, also known as our bonus pricing.... either another space or a single space on another 10,000 placemats for JUST $35.
    • Total savings for a single ad on 30,000 placemats = $115, MORE THAN 35% off.  Compare $300 to $185 and you'll see what we mean!
    • Total savings for a double ad on 20,000 placemats = $180 or 45% off.  Compare $400 to $220.  We think you will like it.  More options available, call for details.


Welcome to all for the year 2016.  We will be providing our same low-cost advertising on our placemats.  Special prices will be offered on select placemats and we also plan to have special placemats for fundraising for local nonprofit organizations.

IF YOU WILL...!  Please help keep us in touch with your favorite nonprofit organizations so we can support them AND their mission.  Even if a nonprofit is outside our normal distribution areas, we can print a SPECIAL placemat for a SPECIAL purpose at any time.  They will receive a portion of the proceeds (sales) and their organization will be featured in the center of the placemat.  WIN-WIN-WIN.

Regular pricing as of 1/1/2016:

  • Your single ad on 10,000 placemats for $100.
  • Add an extra space (2"x4") or an extra 10,000 placemats for $50.
    • The total for a double ad on 10K or a single ad on 20K would be the same price = $150.  Total for a single ad on 30,000 would be $185 ($150+$35).  See next bullet.
  • Extra spaces and/or additional increments of 10,000 for only $35 each.
  • "Ad sponsor" recognition starts @ $75.  The ad sponsor's name and phone number are included so it is recognition of support for your community AND advertising all in one.
  • Ongoing advertisers will receive a 14% discount on each order, 18% off if ongoing in more than one area.

New Year's Pricing:

  • First time buyer:  Take $20 off our regular pricing.
  • Returning buyers:  $15 off our regular price for each ad space ($30 for double ads, etc.)

Please join us in welcoming Ashley Riffle to our sales team and we want to congratulate Andrew Bowser for 1 1/2 years as of January 7, 2016.  He has been a great help.


Our new part-time salesperson Dustin James lives in the Newcastle area and, while not all of his hometown favorite companies will want to advertise in Butler or our other regular areas, some of them might so we came up with several specials that might be a good fit.  Here are a few options and, btw, this offer is not just for Dustin's friends:

  1. Your 2x2 ad on 20,000 Butler area placemats for $150, OR
  2. your 2x2 ad on 10,000 special placemats for Roxy's Diner only for just $100, OR
  3. your 2x2 ad on 20,000 special placemats for $150 including 10,000 for Roxy's Diner and 10,000 for a Newcastle/Poland location to be named later.
    • (See the restaurant map above for a list of Butler locations)
    • Dustin's Special:  Your choice, take $25 off the prices above or get a free half-hour general business consultation with Local4All President Carl Bromley, valued at $75-$100,  Expires 10/4/15.  Recent research includes crowdfunding through Kickstarter and Indiegogo.
    • General Business Tip:  Don't give away your bread and butter.  Instead build value by adding one or more items to the deal.

BASIC PRICING:  (changed several times over the past several years)

The first 10,000 in an order is ALWAYS $100 except when we do a special like we just announced.  The next 10,000 in that order is only $50 and every 10,000 after that is $35.... for that order.

Limited Time Special #1:  For first time advertisers, buy space on 30,000 placemats in our Alle-Kiski area and get your next 10,000 free.  Bottom line:  your 2x2 ad on 40,000 placemats for just $185.  Contract must include our 05AK placemat (20K) plus 20K more of your choice.

Limited Time Special #2:  For returning advertisers, same as above if you have been away for two years or more.  In most cases, we can find your last ad and send a copy to you for your review and updates.

Limited Time Special #3:  In our Indiana area, your 2x2 ad on 20,000 placemats for $120 or a double ad (2x4) on the same 20,000 placemats for just $199.

We have an ongoing commitment to help "Get the word out for less" in the communities we serve but, like all other companies, we need to keep the lights on and beans in the pantry.  Please spread the word to small and medium size businesses that we can help.  Thanks, Carl

My name is Vincent Cogley and I'm a twenty-two year-old fast food worker and blacksmith, I contacted Carl recently looking for additional work and here I am. I look forward to working with everyone and helping out however I can.

Carl here adding a few comments of my own, I'd like to remind Vince he created a Facebook page for our company within his first eight clock hours plus he and Andrew edited a Google fundraising document simultaneously while I had both of them on speakerphone... Vince at his home in Vandergrift and Andrew downstairs in our office.  If you don't know the power of Google Drive, we need to talk.

Call Sadie OR Patrick and get an extra 10% off, but you must act by 4/7 to get this special discount.

Why call?  See the page(s) above and you'll see why it's smart to advertise on placemats and our list of service areas will tell you which directions to go so your efforts and ours will get more customers to give you a call or drop into your office.


The first 10,000 in an order is ALWAYS $100 except when we do a special like we just announced.

The next 10,000 in that order is only $50 and every 10,000 after that is $35.... for that order.

Call soon, time is running out.  Space on our placemats is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Call Sadie or Patrick at 724-543-2641.  If no answer, leave a message or call Patrick's cell phone 724-859-1451.

Deadline:  Tuesday 3/24

It's no blarney that Local4All prices are as low as they have ever been and now there are specials on top of that.  The only "Blarney" is in the name!

Regular pricing:  $100 for the first 10,000 (aka 10K), then only $50 for the second 10K, and only $35 for every 10K AFTER the first 20,000.  Based on single ad prices in each area... check with our sales representatives Patrick and Sadie for bundles that span multiple areas and for special pricing on double ads.

Need billboard pricing?  Our 2" x 6" ad LOOKS like a billboard and gets people's attention.  Call one of our sales reps to get pricing and reserve your space!  724-543-2641.

Check the dropdown menu above for a list of all areas and restaurants in each area.  The two areas listed below will NOT be printed in the next three weeks but you might want to put them on the same contract to get overall lower prices through volume discounts.

NOT in the next printing:

  • AKAP
  • AKLV

For everything else, the clock is ticking and deadlines are getting closer.  Our next printing will be 80,000 total, the most that can be fit on one pallet.  Don't miss out!

February deadlines are approaching fast so if you need advertising in the pre-summer months, now is the time to decide what you need where.

Prices are as low as they have ever been with our new pricing model.  Duration is normally two months for each issue.

Deadlines soon on the following areas:

  • AKAP - 20,000 (quantity to be printed)
  • AKLV - 10,000
  • Butler - 10,000
  • Indiana - 10,000
  • NKLB - 10,000
  • 01SEBCo v2 - 20,000 (expected to last 4-5 weeks)

Call your sales representative soon.  If you don't have one, check our "About Us" page.

For local businesses who need to ramp up going into the summer months, now is the time to get your information out there.  For commercial landscapers and anyone wanting to target more corporate clients, it's almost TOO late.  You never know when their decision-maker is going to sit down in front of one of our placemats.  By the time they take a look at 2016, they have forgotten you.

Need good prices now?  Call one of our sales representatives today.

Basic Pricing: 

  • $100 for the first 10,000
  • $50 for the second 10,000 (total for 20,000 would be $150)
  • $35 for each 10,000 over the first 20,000

Each purchase can be considered for bundle pricing if the entire order is placed at one time.

See our website under Restaurant Maps for a list of restaurants in each area.